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Brief History of the Pakistan Bible Society

The Pakistan Bible Society is the full member of the United Bible Societies who have work in 146 countries. The beginning of the organized Bible work in the areas now comprising Pakistan can be traced as far back as 1809 one year after the formation of the Bible Society of India, Burma and Ceylon. There are some records of 1925 which mention Bible work in these areas.
1862 the second General Council of Indian Missionaries met at Lahore. The participants of this conference actually felt this need of establishing an office for the promotion of the Bible work with the prime purpose of serving the constituency of the Punjab.
Finally in January 1863 the efforts of the General Council of Indian Missionaries bore fruit and British & Foreign Bible Society inaugurated at the Punjab Auxiliary with its office at the present site of Arnarkali, Lahore. At that time the population of Punjab was estimated to be 15 million of which 0.53% were literate. Some of the pioneers of the Punjab Auxiliary, which later on became the Pakistan Bible Society, were Sir Robert Montgomery, D. F. McLeod, Lt. Col. R. McLagen and Mr. R. N. Kistin, at the commencement of the Bible work in 1863. The patron was the Honorable Sir, R. Montgomery and the first General Secretary and Treasurer was A. Thomason Esq.
The formation of the Bible Society occurred in 1944. East Pakistan (Bangladesh) too was looked after from Lahore. In 1956 The Pakistan Bible Society was registered under the registration of Societies Act 1860. On November 1, 1967 the Pakistan Bible Society became an autonomous body and full member of the United Bible Societies.
Since 1997 there has been a lot of creativity in the programmes of the Bible Society. The WEB (Women's Endeavour for the Bible is doing a wonderful job for the promotion of the Bible work. The youth volunteer wing POWER (Promotion of Word Evangelism and Recourses) too is contributing in a meaningful. The Sports festival has grown and has been regularly organized since 2000. It is now being held in Islamabad, Multan and Sheikupura besides Lahore. Today the work of the Bible Society is better known and our support base has increased considerably for which we thank God.


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