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We at the Pakistan Bible Society are present to serve the Church in Pakistan. The Bible is the true and unchanged Word of God, and we have a mandate to provide it to all in the language they speak and at a price they can afford to pay. We are thankful to all our donors and well-wishers who partner with us through their generous giving, fervent prayers and keen participation. Let us shine like alight to illuminate our surroundings and let us be a fragrance which would permeate the atmosphere around us and in so doing let the presence of God’s Word be felt. Amen

Message from Our CEO

I am honored to address you as the CEO of the Pakistan Bible Society. Our organization is steadfast in its commitment to advancing the profound message encapsulated within the Bible’s pages. Through comprehensive translation, meticulous distribution, and meaningful community engagement, we strive to bridge gaps and foster harmony among diverse groups.

Our translation efforts aim to make the Bible accessible to all, transcending language barriers and bringing its wisdom to every corner of our nation. By ensuring its availability in various languages, we empower individuals to connect with its teachings deeply.

Distribution lies at the heart of our mission. We endeavor to place Bibles in the hands of those who seek solace, guidance, and inspiration. Through this, we facilitate a deeper understanding of faith and promote unity within our society.

Engagement is key to our work. We create platforms for open dialogue, encouraging discussions that enrich lives and promote understanding among different communities. This exchange of ideas leads to mutual respect and paves the way for a more harmonious society.

Join us in this noble journey of enlightenment and compassion. Together, we can spread the timeless message of hope and love, fostering a brighter future for all.

Andrew HartAndrew Hart
00:19 21 Jul 23
wilbur johnwilbur john
18:17 01 Jun 23
Roma GillRoma Gill
11:12 01 Mar 23
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07:00 11 Jan 23
Barook FarrukhBarook Farrukh
10:54 05 Jan 23
Shehzad AzizShehzad Aziz
17:57 17 Sep 22
in Pakistan we surely be looking after our minorities so that they can practise their religious activities easily.
Shamaun JiwanmallShamaun Jiwanmall
06:25 03 Jun 22
The work that they are and have been doing for decades is commendable!
Aneeqa KamranAneeqa Kamran
10:23 15 Mar 22
It's running down badly management is careless, most of the books are out of stock or no information
Dr. PandaDr. Panda
12:31 18 Feb 21
One of the most valuable places for Pakistani Christians.
Rufus SimonRufus Simon
19:50 08 Oct 20
Good place and on right place.. God bless you

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Phone: +92 423-7238537 Fax: +92 423-7238587 Email: [email protected]

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The Pakistan Bible Society Bible House 144-Anarkali-Lahore P.O. No. 5400

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