“Death is swallowed up in Victory” “O death where is thy victory? “O death where is sting! 1-Corinthians 15:55

Message of the General Secretary

We at the Pakistan Bible Society are present to serve the Church in Pakistan. The Bible is the true and unchanged Word of God and we have a mandate to provide it to all in the language they speak and at a price they can afford to pay. We are thankful to all our donors and well wishers who partner with us through their generous giving, fervent prayers and keen participation. We are hopeful that we together will continue to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Our Work can be put nicely through 4 'P' s. The first 'P' stands for PEOPLE. We are present to serve people by providing the Word of God in creative formats. Second 'P' is for PROGRAMME, we help the church through conducting Seminars, Youth Programme, Children's Activities and Bible Engagement. The third 'P' is for PARTICIPATION and PARTNERSHIP, we are strong believers in the sharing of resources for the furtherance of the Word of God. Finally the forth 'P' is for PRAYER, the success of any ministry is based on the prayer support.
So I would challenge you to become our partners in the making the Living Word of God available to all and for strengthening the Church in our beloved land. Let us shine like a light to illuminate our surroundings and let us be a fragrance which would permeate the atmosphere around us and in so doing let the presence of God's Word be felt. Amen


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