"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they see shall see God. (Matthew 5:8)

About Us


We the Pakistan Bible Society are a full member of the United Bible Societies. We are a team of God's people sharing our resources to bring hope and enlightenment to all through the Living Word of God the Bible. We have a common task, we serve the Churches and we are interdenominational.


Our Head Office is located in Lahore and the address is Pakistan Bible Society, Bible House, Anarkali, Lahore 54000. We can be contacted through our landline + 92 42 37238537 and Fax + 92 42 37238587. We also have offices in Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta


We are governed by a General Committee (Board) of 21 committed and dedicated Church Leaders. Our policy is to have a representative General Committee which means that all the main line denominations are represented on our Board.
We work through the Following departments; Administration, Translation, Marketing/ Fundraising and Production. We are team of committed men and women with the goal to work for the promotion and distribution of the Word of God and raise financial resources to meet the needs of our goals and mission.


We are as the United Bible Societies are present in 146 countries. At the National level we are rooted in the Church and we serve the church. Our donors our prayer partners give us a broad base to stand firm on. Our volunteer's women wing WEB (Women's Endeavour for the Bible) and our youth wing POWER (Promotion of the Word Evangelism and Resources) help us to achieve our mission and vision


We need your prayers for the United Bible Societies, our staff team, for our projects and our programmes. We need your financial support which will be used for translation of the Bible, for Scripture for the needy and for the youth programmes. We also need your participation and involvement so come and join and SPREAD the living Hope with us.

S    Spread the Good News and Speak of it with us.
P    Promote God's Word and Pray with us.
R    Reach out to others and Renew them with us.
E    Engage and Enrich all people with the Bible with us.
A    Ask friends to join us and Acknowledge God with us.
D    Dedicate yourself for the Bible Cause and Depend on God with us.

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